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Marketing a Once Difficult Product: Legal Marijuana


When it comes to the world of social media, there are certain industries and products that are more difficult than others to sell. One such market came with the legalization of marijuana, a once surreptitious product that has gained approval for both medicinal and, in several states, recreational use.

Ad campaigns make sense for their time and place. Now, however, in 2017, with various states forging an unchartered path to legalizing marijuana for recreational use, advertising is transforming, as well. With each new idea, new trend, and new alterations to our culture, marketing campaigns must adapt to best suit a company’s needs. Which is just what Socially Simplified does.

Businesses selling marijuana are profit-motivated, just as any other business is, and do need marketing campaigns to bring in customers. They need to compete with their rivals to convince longtime users that their particular brand is better, as well as increase demand by bringing in new customers who are curious to see what the excitement is all about.

The minute marijuana was legalized for recreational use, businesses in those various states suddenly got the opportunity to market to a mainstream audience. And just as it is with any industry, a slew of growers exist who want to become the “best of the best” and the top choice for the consumer market. So what business model is needed to do all this?

To bring in customers you need to begin with a solid website. To best set up a website that clearly speaks to the consumer, as well as future patrons you wish to draw to your store, you need to identify your company and what about your product places it above the rest. Articles and blogs regarding health and wellness issues, the latest scientific information in regards to your product, and data that captures the attention and distinguishes you from your competition is necessary.

Branding is a must. To do that and do it well, you need a social media company that understands your background in the business. Then, a company logo must be created that best reflects the image you want to have representing your business to the public. Again, this needs to set you apart from your competitors who may not be working as hard to create a site design that captures the attention of the demographic you’re trying to reach. When it comes to the recreational use of marijuana, you also need to serve yourself well by employing professionals who understand the steps that need to be taken when it comes to online advertising. Unlike the beverage market, there are laws that must be adhered to so that no campaign puts you or your company at risk.

The image that marijuana bears has transformed over the past few years. The huge stigma that once went along with it has faded with more states coming on board to legalize the product and bring tax dollars into their own state’s coffers. But for your company to be successful, it needs the same as any other business needs: a marketing model that fits your brand and ensures that customers will not fall into the category of “one-time-only” visitors to the site. There are a variety of reasons why a person will click on your website – everything from learning more about the effects of marijuana to discovering their favorite brand. Much like the alcohol industry, there are thousands of brands of wine, beer, and so much more that it seems highly difficult that one could stand out above the rest, but it occurs. By establishing a fantastic and memorable website and logo, to running the right campaigns, posting the right ads, and making sure to monitor the website on a regular basis in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is your business that can quickly become listed among the successes.

You increase interest by increasing Internet chatter. At Socially Simplified, we focus on your specifics, keep content current, offer the best in web design, logo creation and branding, as well as set up the “wiring” that connects you to various mobile search engines so that when your ‘neighborhood’ is called upon, your business is seen!

Your space in the market is there. Socially Simplified will make sure that you settle into that space and, through content and design, give you the power to reach, keep and build your customer base.

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